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Welcome to our website 

Versatile Solutions and Services is a gas tank, gas line, gas appliance installation and repair business based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We contract projects throughout the tri-county areas of West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.

Our residential projects are mainly in new construction homes where we install all gas lines underground and above ground, interior and exterior, tanks, and all appliances and fire features, generators, etc.

We also contract commercial projects of various sizes including propane dispenser stations, new construction gas line installation, and restaurant appliance installation.

Over 13 years of experience installing underground propane tanks in high water conditions and in coastal properties; including designing, permitting, and constructing concrete structures for anchoring Liquified Petroleum tanks. We also take cathodic protection seriously, by installing galvanic anode systems properly and by thorough process, making sure all connection points are tight and all structures are isolated. 

We are also well experienced in designing gas systems with computerized plans and  preparing and processing a permit application through all phases of the construction and inspections; including filing notices. All of our jobs, from start to finish, are processed fast and pass final inspections.

We, at Versatile, make the best of our efforts to provide our customers with the most excellent services possible. Installing gas systems is an expertise and it must be done correctly for safety.

Versatile Solutions and Services, Safety you can Trust.

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